Day 1
Use vineyard grapes red 46%
Stoneground white flour 100%
Purified water 132%
De-stemmed the grapes, but don’t wash them.
Stir water and flour together and add the grapes, cover container, and leave at room temp

Day 2
You will see some bleeding of the grapes ( the culture will start to turn red ), and there will already be
some activity, small small bubbles.

Day 3
By this time there will be more bubbles and the culture will be more red in color.
It might start to separate, but don’t stress, its normal.
Feed with;- Stoneground flour 100%
Purified water 74%

Day 4
Your culture will be active by now, nice and red, with lot of bubbles.
Scoop out half of the culture, leaving behind all the grapes, the halve you took out you can start another
culture from or discard it.
Feed with;- Stoneground white flour 100%
Purified water 74%

Day 5
At this point you can decide if you want to keep on feeding or use it. Strain the culture through a strainer to remove the grapes and pips, you can now put it in your fridge, and feed it once a week on a ratio of 1;1;1.


you can feed it on a ratio of 1;1;1, and leave it at room temp to ferment and use it after about 2-4 hours when it has double in height, and pass the water test.

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