• Stoneground fine rye flour – 0.090g
  • Boiling water – 0.200g

Mix together, allow to cool down, and leave at room temp overnight.


  • Instant yeast – 0.005g
  • Stoneground white bread flour – 0.500g
  • Sea salt – 0.015g
  • Starter, all of it – 0.290g
  • Water – 0.225g

Combine your instant yeast and flour. Add all other ingredient, mix for about 10min,
Dough will be sticky, that’s normal.
Cover and ferment for 2 hours,
Shape the dough into stiff round pieces, and place them into the cocotte, make sure the dough reached the sides of the cocotte,
Second fermenting for 1½ hour,
Sprinkle the dough on top with a little bit of flour, score the top of the loaf,
Put the lid of the cocotte on,
Put into a COLD oven, and set the temp to 200°C, for 1£ hour and switch the oven on.
I recommend NOT to use a confec oven, it will mess up the bread.
After bake, remove from cocotte and let cool down.
After baking the cocotte will have oil in, wipe it out with a clean cloth.

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